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'Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons.' -- Vizzini from "The Princess Bride"

Friday, June 27, 2008

HAHA Ray Comfort can be funny!

Ray is such a stitch. He has a post up, I call it the "water is wet" post. He entitled the post, "Top Ten Predicted Atheist Objections to the Below Statement:"

"Water is wet." -- Ray Comfort

My response must have come in at number 11: "so what?"

I thought about how useless and inconsequential this statement is. And looking down his list, I came to the conclusion that he is pulling off a "Seinfeld;" a statement about nothing. He seems to want to show that something so obvious can be made to be contestable by atheists if it is uttered by a young earth creationist. [And I decided to leave out the actual real science which makes this statement absurd; along the lines of heat is hot, the sky is blue, ice is cold, etc.] Because real science is totally lost on people like Ray Comfort.

Instead, I thought about making another statement and propose similar rebuttals I predict Ray and other fundie Christians would say:

"God is good" -- Jeffperado

1. "Of course God is good, he's God after all"
2. "God has to be good, for he cannot be anything else by definition"
3. "If God were bad, then he would not be worthy of worship"
4. "Other Gods can claim to be good, but only God is good"
5. "God only does good things, so he must be good"
6. "The bible tells me so, and I believe in the bible"
7. "My parents taught me about God, and they said he was good, so he must be good"
8. "I go to church every week, and all I hear is how good God is. If my church tells me this, it must be true"
9. "Anyone who says their God is better, or says there is no God is wrong, therefore God is good"
10. "I believe, and my beliefs are right"

Just like the absurdity of the "water is wet" canard, the "God is good" is a canard as well. The truth lies in the nuance; what exactly does it mean to be 'wet' or for that matter 'good'?

Just like I would tell Ray that wetness is a property of water, and not an absolute one at that.
(Consider deep freezing water into ice -- is ice wet? Yet ice is still water). But can we do the same for God and good? Is there a way to seperate them? Christians would say no, that by definition, everything God does is good, and everything good that happens comes from God. Except, of course, when God --according to the bible-- kills babies, pregnant women, and small children. Or when an atheist does a decidedly good thing.

Then it isn't "God is good" any more; it is "God has a plan". And that plan is good.

Now go back and reread Ray's post. You will immediately see that what Ray is really saying is that he is projecting his own brand of convoluted illogic and lack of facts unto atheists in hops of convincing himself and others like him that atheists are really as screwed up and misinformed as he is, and thus his belief system is as valid as the system of reality found in atheism.

But really all Ray Comfort is, is funny in a sad sort of way.

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At June 27, 2008 8:17 PM, Blogger ForHisSake said...

Appreciated your post. Here is one "fundi" who would say, "God is God". How we (atheists, agnostics, or Christians) define "good" is based on our own understanding of what "good" really means and our inbuilt morality or individual moral standards (which we all have and they all differ).

I do not mean to be unkind to Ray, but I have been reading his posts for over 6 months and I would not recommend his blog as a place to visit if one has a desire to profit either intellectually or spiritually.

There are many great blogs and websites that actually have something to really chew on and to make one ponder and think (regardless of where you happen to stand at this point in your life).

For what it's worth, it is my hope that you do not judge Christ based on those who wear His name in todays' culture.

Life is short and the one thing we all know and cannot argue about is that we all die. If we are indeed more than animals; if we actually have a soul that lives beyond the death of our bodies; if there is actually a creator; If their is any truth to the Gospel message and heaven and hell; if Christ died to reconcile us to God; if there is a "supernatural" eternal reality to the creation; it is probably worthwhile to explore and contemplate these things.

If "God is God" then basically we are at His mercy, eh? If not, than not. For what it's worth.


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