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'Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons.' -- Vizzini from "The Princess Bride"

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Long Overdue

Well.. I have finally returned. I want to apologize to my loyal readers for my long disappearance (all two of you). A special shout out to you in Los Angeles -- I don't know why I'm so popular there, maybe write me and let me know. Anyway, I am back again for the forseeable future. I have a few various thoughts and rants prepared which I will post over the next few days, some woefully out of date (I write about the now-forgotten da Vinci Code) and some that will be shown to be virtually timeless (as long as Christianity exists).

First, a few quick notes. A few months back I wrote about a scam that I was a witness to. I predicted a June departure and a later set of customer complaints/lawsuits. Well so far I have been dead on. The company has pulled all its local reps and no longer answers its customer service/activation lines. The complaints to the duped company have already begun as well. What is it about fundamentalist companies that makes them so unethical and untrustworthy? Especially companies based in Utah..

With the cost and unwanted environmental effects of gas/oil so high and rising, would someone please tell these liberal activist groups to lay off their opposition to nuclear power and Yucca Mountain? Don't they realize they are as destructive and dangerous as the anti-stem cell crowd of the far religious right?

Speaking of high energy costs, how are the rest of you (i mean non-south westerners) holding up in this heat wave? We here in the great western expanse have been having normal temperatures but excessively high humidity, up to 35%. So even here in Vegas where we love telling our tourist guests, "But it's a dry heat" have been melting. The entire country has been sucking up the Megawatts to run our AC units -- thus the link to energy. It is long past due to start building new nuclear power plants. The large up-front cost will be more than balanced by the savings over fossil fuels in light of ever increasing costs of oil and natural gas. We'll discuss this in more detail in a future post.

Murder in the first... Now that a frozen speck of tissue the size of a pinhead is a full blown human being, when will fertility clinics be called genocidal murderers worse than Saddam Hussein? I guess its now time to call out the National Guard so Rummy can invade all those terrorist-supporting regimes we ignorant civilians call fertility clinics. More...

Stem cell research
With stem cell research making news again in light of president Bush's recent veto of a wildly popular measure funding the research, I thought a few words were in order. Bush calls stem cell research, 'murder.' I call that assinine. I still cannot fathom how conservative Christians can lay claim to 'absolutist' morality, when in the 70s they called test-tube babies soulless babies and technological monsters, can now today claim that one of those 'soulless babies' which has been discarded and headed for destruction is a full human being and would be murdered if instead of being destroyed were used for research into saving actual human lives.

It truly boggles the mind to try and understand how they can believe they are not spouting nonsense. I guess to be a conservative Christian all logic and reasoning must be checked at the door. But then again that should be expected from a group who elieves the bible is literally true, and scientifically accurate even though it claims that all the stars falling to the earth is physically possible and extracting fresh water from salt water is impossible. It is all too easy to show just how absurd the 'facts' and 'science' of the bible are, and thus how misguided those Christianity who believe them are. I would simply write all fundamentalist Christians off as having their heads in the sand when it comes to Truth and Reality if not for the fact that they count among their bretheren, the President of these United States, the Republican majority of Congress and the Senate, and now the majority of the Supreme Court. So here we are with a man who considers saving human lives as 'murder' and killing civilians by the thousands as 'freedom.'

We all knew already that the morality of conservative Christians was twisted and perverse -- they profess that the only lives worth living are Christians (all others are guided by Satan and thus already 'dead') yet all human life is worthless and beneath contempt (due to original sin and the mere fact of being created). And if that is the outlook they wish to adhere to, that is fine it is their choice to be made in a free society. But now they are making health and life/death choices for the rest of us now. It is the highest form of oppression to condemn law-abiding Americans to death by denying them the medical research which could save their lives. It is a terrifying duplicity to claim 'oppression' on the one hand because they are not allowed to force their religious views on others via government interference yet on the other hand be a perfect demonstration of liberty to condemn other Americans to death as a result of governmental enforcement of fundamentalist Christian doctrines.

The glaring irony to all this is that the use of stem cells could be considered a short term temporary cure to these many diseases. It is the ultimate goal of geneticists to gain enough knowledge and understanding of the human genome to be able to control the genetic code itself. This would mean that the body could literally regenerate itself, replacing diseased tissues with healthy tissues in response to genetic therapy. But this 'fountain of youth' is decades, if not more, away.


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