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'Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons.' -- Vizzini from "The Princess Bride"

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Differing Worldviews

I would like to open by saying it is true that I am an atheist. With that comes a worldview, one I would call progressive (not necessarily liberal or conservative, but mostly liberal). My worldview is based on a number of concerns and facts about the reality we all live in. There are however, other worldviews. In our great nation, one prevalent worldview is that of conservative Christianity (what I've called anti-blasphemy Christianity). Another one is that of liberal Christianity (Da Vinci Christianity).

While I disagree that worldviews can be considered purely in "good" or "bad" qualities, I think some worldviews lead to very destructive consequences. In this country, the most destructive is that of the anti-blasphemy Christianity. The reason is straightforward enough, it is a worldview of "I am always right and you do what I say to avoid suffering the consequences." But the most dangerous worldview, in my opinion, is that of Da Vinci Christianity. It is one of conflicting goals and set upon itself to eat itself up. It combines a warm take on humanity, one allowing gays and non-Christians to persist in their lives, with a strong sense of theological doctrine at the other end, a real Jesus who is really God. This dichotomy causes a real problem for the Da Vinci Christians; they are linked to the anti-blasphemy Christians through doctrine -- that of Jesus Christ -- but otherwise view the world in a more rational light; one of personal freedom. When the rational world attacks "Christianity" the Da Vinci Christians band together with anti-blasphemy Christians under the big banner of Christianity, even though the majority of their worldviews are wholly at odds. Thus, the anti-blasphemy Christians in essence hijack all of Christendom and claim to speak for all 80% of Christian Americans rather than the small minority they actually represent. It is the Da Vinci Christians who hand this power over to them. (This situation is completely analogous to what happens in Islam, the moderate Muslims throw in their lot with the radical Muslims when the rest of the world attacks "Islam." Christians recognize this when it comes to Islam, but fail completely to see it happen in their own camp, Christianity. That is what makes Da Vinci Christians so dangerous, they artificially give anti-blasphemy Christians more power to accomplish their (twisted) goals due to the one lone connection, Jesus.

This coalition, if you will, is what leads to that apparent contradiction we read so much about in the news and on blogs. The contradiction being the Christian coalition (not to be confused with Pat Robertson's organization, the Christian Coalition) is a majority of Americans (80%) and in power in most all local, state, and federal governments, yet there still exists a "war on Christianity" because the minority anti-blasphemy Christians cannot get their narrow agenda to become the law of the land. This is seen in their whining about school prayer and a war on Christmas/Easter. (Here's a thought: What about their war on Halloween, another Pagan holiday -- as is both Christmas and Easter? Halloween is also a Christian holiday, yet it is the anti-blasphemy Christians who want to destroy it, and they admit as much.) Da Vinci Christians just roll their eyes, and say, hey my kids can pray any time they desire, at home or in the school, they learn their religion at Sunday School, church, and at home, they are not limited or persecuted in any sense. Anti-blasphemy Christians on the other hand think that if they cannot Evangalize to other people's children through forced school prayer, then they are being persecuted.

These 'persecuted' souls see themselves as a minority because they do not consider the Da Vinci Christians to be real Christians, whereas, the rest of the country considers both Da Vinci and anti-blasphemy Christians to be real Christians. This is where the break in perception arises, and why to most of America, there is no "war on Christianity" or persecution, because this overwhelming majority does not see any problems. It is only the tiny minority of anti-blasphemy Christians who see persecution, and believe that they are not in power.

As much as I would like to see the anti-blasphemy Christians fade into the dust bin of the stupid and insane ideas, they never will as long as Da Vinci Christians continue to turn a blind eye to this demented worldview; choosing only to focus on their "brotherhood" of Christian doctrine of Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, the rest of us continue to suffer the indignities of the anti-blasphemy Christians rantings as a result. The Da Vinci Christians will never sever their ties to the anti-blasphemy Christians in exactly the same way that we all see the moderate Muslims continuing to maintain their ties to radical Islam. The reason is clear; they cling to Jesus as do the anti-blasphemy Christians and think (mistakenly) their peaceful loving Jesus is the same as the vengeful warmongering Jesus who is set to return any moment and pull a genocidal rampage that makes Hitler look like Barney on ecstasy.

The solution is the same in both cases, and one that is very difficult to imagine happening. That being that the Da Vinci's and the moderate Muslims give up their links to their radical brethren, that being their religious doctrines. Asking any Christian to give up Jesus (or any Muslim to give up Muhammad) is not going to work. At least not until the parasitic nature of both branches of the radical religions is recognized for what it is.



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