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Friday, September 07, 2007

Popular Pat Robertson and his Prophesy

Lest everyone forget (and I know you haven't) it is September. That can only mean one thing -- well it means many things; football, 9-11, and of course the beginning of the "red zone" according to Pat Robertson. Earlier this year I wrote a post on Pat's prophecy which has turned out to be my most popular commentary of the year. It accounts for something like 90% of all my hits.

Obviously, most people who google Pat's prophecy and read my comments are greatly dissappointed, because all I really do is poke fun at who really has God's ear, and who God really speaks to. We have God's appointed leader Bush on the one hand and God's appointed Christian mouthpiece, Robertson, on the other. Both cannot have heard God's true words and be right. That was my point then and now. But today, I have to say that I lean (and fear) that good ol' Pat may just be the correct one. For the death and destruction Bush's dirty little war has been enormous, and the billions of people he has offended just might decide to strike back makes it really hard to defend against.

Yet I don't see anything as catastrophic as what Pat envisioned coming to pass. Now since I don't have the advantage of some all-knowing divine being whispering the correct answer in my ear, I cannot say what the future holds. All I can do is look at the facts on the ground and make an educated guess. So please do not call this a prediction or prophesy, for it is certainly not.

It is just what it is, a warning based on the dangers created by people who call themselves "warriors of God" -- and they are both Christian is Muslim.

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