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Saturday, July 07, 2007

A New Perspective on Traditional Marriage

This brief column on marriage makes a great point. The basic idea is if same-sex marriage goes against God's will, then why wouldn't atheists marrying also?

The point made is not only valid; but I cannot believe that I, or anyone else, never thought of it years ago. Actually, though, while the point is valid, I have to say that it has no impact on those conservative Christians who go about screaming "traditional marriage." The reason is simple enough, pure, unadulterated cynicism. They are not referring in any way to any form of "traditional" marriage. Why? Because they all already consider even the most secular of marriages (those that we of Las Vegas are famous for), ones performed by Justices of the Peace (while dressed up as Elvis or as a Space Alien) as completely valid forms of marriage. No religion, no God, just plain and simple man and woman saying "I Do."

Traditional has nothing to do with it at all. Conservative Christians get married all the time via secular Justices of the Peace in all sorts of places other than churches. So really the notion of God is not really a part of the equation at all. The equation has everything to do with bashing and ostricizing gays and nothing to do with the traditional. For if traditional = "God ordained", then anything outside of a religious (and Christian) marriage is not valid. Since Christians consider Jews, and Muslims for that matter, to be married -- as long as they are male-female -- then traditional has nothing to do with marriage itself. It is once again, only about being gay.
That is the problem revealed by this new perspective on marriage. That it is a sham statement by conservative Christians to call it a traditional issue, since it allows for marriages that they clearly do not consider ordained by God (i.e. marriages of atheists, jews, muslims, and Christians in secular settings). They aren't interested in the "ordained by God" aspect of their definition of marriage, only that they keep out TEH gays.

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