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'Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons.' -- Vizzini from "The Princess Bride"

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fun with absurdities

You know, any time I quote the bible to these truly screwed up Chrisatians, their response is not, as one would expect, civilized debate. Instead, I get slapped with a label -- stalker, obsessed, etc. This from blogs which offer public commenting. Go figure. Just go ask AnnieAngel or Josh Bozeman.

Well, none of their labels matters one whit to me. Let them call me names if that helps them sleep better at night, because I still beat them at their own game; the Bible of their "god". We all know that knowledge and proficiency of the Bible does not make one a good Christian, rather blind adherance to what their leaders/ministers/priests/reverands tell them to think is all that matters.

Unless it comes to their fallen leaders. Then they are totally silent. Ted Haggard? Who's that guy, he must be one of them atheists or worse yet, Catholics....

So let's see what Josh has to say about Jesus' mouthpiece, the Rev. Haggard.


Annie's mention.


Annie can't even seem to get past the idea that liberals are allowed to speak their minds. (Just out of curiosity, where is there more "preaching"? From liberals, or from self-righteous Christians and other conservatives?? Churches.. Churches.. Churches..)

So, as there is nothing of value in Annie's whine, I mean blog, let's jump back to sanity's worst nightmare; Josh. (Sorry, I am listening to Alice Cooper's "Welcome to my nightmare," and couldn't help using the apropos imagery.)

Anyway, while searching in vain for something, anything about Ted Haggard Josh had blogged about, I came across this jewel of utter inanity.

In America- a 12 year old girl cannot even go on a school field trip to a petting zoo without her parents consent. Yet, thanks to ultra-liberals, these same girls can kill their unborn babies without any permission or even mere notification of the pattern.
Notice, first of all, that there is no link, no shred of evidence that this is anything other than the fever dream of an addled brain. Where in this country can a 12 year old girl go and legally get an abortion? Which "liberals" are proposing this? I know of no one (NARAL, ACLU, etc.). But I do have this to offer, Kansas (defeated) Attourney General Phil Kline who wanted to get abortion records of minors who had legally obtained abortions so he could prosecute. (You know, Kansas, that middle-America bastion of San Francisco liberalism.)

"As attorney general, Kline sought to require Kansas health workers to report sexual activity of girls younger than 16, the age of consent. The workers filed suit, and a federal judge blocked the request. Kline then persuaded a state judge to back the subpoena for records of more than 80 women and girls who received abortions in 2003 at two clinics. He described it as a search for evidence of illegal late-term abortions and child rape." (emphasis mine)
I will stress this point one time for everyone to grasp. Minors all need "permission" for an abortion. Some states it is a doctor or judge, others it is an adult, but every state has that requirement. Josh is dreaming of some fantasy world in which his hate is totally justified.

Thanks to the “tolerant” liberals. They’re fine with a girl killing her baby and not telling her parents. That’s all good and well…now if that girl wanted to pray in school or write a paper and mention the word “Jesus”- the ACLU goons would be after her in a heartbeat. Too many Americans have their priorities all screwed up.
This is the best example of Josh merely conjouring up imaginary boogeymen to hate and vilify. I challenge any Christian child to read from their bible or pray with their friends during free time in school. If even one gets into any sort of trouble at all, anywhere in the country, I will publicly eat my words. The truth is, and I mean truth with a capital "T" is that there is nothing wrong or illegal about that anywhere. It only becomes a problem when Christian Children try to use public resources to try to convert non-Christian children to their beliefs, or that the school itself is used as a platform for proselytization.

Here's another nugget of reality which puts Josh firmly in the realm of fantasyland: The ACLU has defended Christian children in their right to wear Christian garb and speak on their own behalfs to their beliefs. Josh is wrong, and lives a lie so pervasive that one has to wonder what color his sky is.

On the one hand I am saddened that reality escapes Josh so, but on the other, he does offer concrete, up-close proof that Christianity and reality are not synonymous, and that accepting Christianity means denying reality.

Note: I really wanted to write a post about how Christians handled Ted Haggard, but it seems that the only person willing to say anything about him are those who either hung him out to dry (his power structure -- Dobson, Swank, et. al.) or his own ministry.

So I have but one question to ask all Christians (ok, two):

If God wouldn't/couldn't heal the heart of a leader/Christian/God-fearer like Haggard, then what chance does any low level Christian have of getting God's healing attention? How can you expect other gays to heal via prayer/putting their hearts in God's hands, if it didn't help Haggard??

Clearly, the answer to homosexuality is not the loving/healing power of trust in Jesus...

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At November 16, 2006 10:57 AM, Blogger Minor Ripper said...

I am a Jedi Knight. Please learn a bit about my group at www.minor-ripper.blogspot.com

At November 16, 2006 4:04 PM, Blogger jeffperado said...

Re: Ripper.

Well what can I say? believing in "the force" is just as silly as believing in Christianity, so your comment stands for all to see.



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