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Friday, September 21, 2007

Some Final Thoughts on Noah's Ark

Much of the response to this post I made has been geared towards the most obvious defense.. "God did it". I have to say that that is the only possible explanation left for the "apparent" success of the original ark (as recorded in that history factbook we now call the bible) and the probable failure of any duplicated experiment.

I agree, that would be the only possible reason given by anyone who claims the bible is factually true and inerrant in God's Word. But my response would this:

Is "God did it" a scientific answer? I mean there are so many things we today do not understand in a scientific sense. Should we just ignore them and say instead God did it? Any garden variety creationist would necessarily have to say yes. Becuse if they didn't they would be admitting to a lacking in the answer, "God did it". Take medicine for instance. How many creationists would rather die from a disease and cling to "God did it" than accept that science which searches for connections could find a cure. The problem is simple. There can be no disconnect between the science that proves the absurdity of noah's ark and the science that develops new cures. Science works via one method. If that method fails to prove the possibility of Noah's ark, and the explanation given by AiG is "God did it" then it by default has to be incapable of curing disease, because once again the only true reason could possibly be "God did it."

So by invoking the excuse "God did it" when the Noah's ark experiment duplication fails, then there can be no way for any science at all to proceed because at any point Christians can claim God did it and if God did it, than who are we to alter God's will? Under the "God did it" explanation, all of science is effectively invalidated. Because nothing can be confirmed without proof that it wasn't the work of God and nothing can be invalidated for the same reason. Thus under the "God did it" explanation, no further science is possible, and all past science is invalidated.

By invoking the "God did it" excuse, any Christian immediately says nothing that humans can do is anymore effective because it can be overridden by God. Giving a cure to a disease to both an atheist and a Christian should only provide a cure to the Christian unless God wants the Christian to die and the atheist to live so that by living that atheist will give other Christians reasons to believe. IT IS the ultimate meaning for the old faith-canard "In God all things are possible."

But it completely invalidates all reason to live if we happen to be human and not God. For nothing we do matters anymore. If we cannot conduct science, then we cannot achieve anything that we have achieved, because science has touched all areas of human achievement.

If any Christian chooses to use the "God did it" argument, then they immediately reduce all human endeavor to useless and pointless tripe which could just as easily be replaced by sleeping on a couch all day, peeing on oneself, and dying of hunger for lack of getting up off the couch. For there can be no point to doing anything, if anything one does is utterly pointless in the face of well God does all.

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