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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ron Paul, Libertarianism, and the Christian Right

Ed Brayton has written an insightful post at his blog, Dispatches from the Culture Wars regarding Ron Paul. One group he did not mention, and one I have written about occasionally before is Christian Exodus. They are supporting Ron Paul.

First let us see a glimpse of what CE's president officially says about politics and the upcoming presidential election:
OK, that's enough ranting for now. I'll end this column on a positive note. Praise God that Congressmen Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo will be in tonight's debate. I encourage every one of you to contact your family and friends and watch [the thurs. May 3, 2007 Rep debate -- jeffperado] in the hope that some truth from these statesmen might squeeze into the debate between the load of manure from Romney and the brainless ramblings of Giuliani. You can watch the debate on MSNBC or online at http://www.politico.com/ at 8:00pm Eastern. [my emphasis]

So we see here that there are two Republican candidates appealing to CE, Tancredo and Paul. In the paragraph immediately proceeding this, we get this jewel:
I provide the above rant to once again demonstrate that Christian Constitutionalists (paleo-conservatives) in America live among a very apathetic, ignorant and stupid people incapable of any more complex political thought than "strengthen America." Therefore, because the American people are the problem the only solution at our disposal is to change the makeup of the electorate, and hence Christian Exodus to the rescue. [my emphasis]
So, the American people are the problem, the American people are the reason why America is so ungodly. (Well, to be perfectly trite here, I have to agree, America did vote for and allow Bush and other Republican cronies to come into office -- they are to blame for that...) But what really strikes me here is that this guy is blaming the majority of Americans for not agreeing with him. It's their fault that his views are not the controlling views of this country. So much for Americans having independent thought. Maybe he should focus on his own statement and ponder why it is Americans think he is wrong. I am thinking that most Americans simply think he is wrong and want something else for America. But that is just me.

Let's tie these two things together. CE likes Paul and Tancredo, and America's views are divergent with CE's views. Paul and Tancredo seem to be agreeable with CE's views and disagreeable with America's views. All I can make of this is that what they really want to turn America into a land where one (and only one -- extreme Christianianity) minority rules all. That means all other Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and us atheists have no input into our government and how we are allowed to run our lives.

My view is that libertarianism is about being allowed to live our own lives and have government protect that right. That aspect of libertarianism appeals to me, I have to say. But the other aspect of it, that we are all left out to twist in the wind, with no universal source of help in terms of food or health or protection of our rights from the tyranny of others who disagree with that. Protecting individuals from the potential for huge profits by corporations at the expense of safety is another anti-libertarian goal that appeals to me. Thus there is a balance between all these things. Collectively protecting entire classes of people from the desires of others is indeniably a good thing. Giving everyone the freedom to run their own lives is another. The balance of the two is what made this country great, and will return it to greatness once the desires of Libertarians like Paul and the goals of groups like CE are seen to be what they really are: and that is antithetical to all of the above.

This is to say nothing of the other truly scary views of CE; creationism, biblical law, secularism denial for its citizens, and making Jesus central to government. Roam around the CE website, make notes as to their plan for the elections in 2008. Also please go see what happened during the 2006 elections which I elaborated on here.

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At November 07, 2007 3:33 AM, Anonymous Mac Diva said...

Oh, that fellow has been involved in far Right politics since he was in teens. He was a leader of the white supremacist and secessionist League of the South in South Carolina and Texas. The 'exodus' is a thinly veiled attempt to get neo-Confederates an even greater stake in politics in S.C. by having fellow travelers from other states move there. They think that with enough influence, S.C. can secede from the Union (sound familiar?) and establish a society much like the pre-Civil War South. Only Christian white men would be allowed full citizenship and the vote, perhaps with a property ownership requirement.

It is good to see people blogging about these matters.


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